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Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Much speedy wickedness happening. Oslo came and went. I only spent two nights there, but enough to know that I would definately want to return to visit again.

In Oslo, I stayed in a neighborhood just north of the center of the city called Grunnenlokka. It's aparently the hip, young neighborhood. I stayed at the flat of an old 70-something guy named Arve Naess. He rents out three or four rooms in his 4 story building just at the edge of a nice park. He spoke barely enough English to get by, as was evidenced by the little signs he had written and posted throughout the apartment directing 'Tourist' visitors to clean up after themselves. He was very kind as I arrived just before 11 at night (because of the aforementioned delay in Sweden). The room was very small, but quaint. Adjacent to the only bathroom in the flat, the room was covered in cryptically grammatized (my made up word) tourist warnings and peppered with framed pictures of old sailing ships. There was a small television in the room atop a wooden entertainment center brimming with Norweigen celebrity magazines, all at least a year old. All in all, it was cozy, and the price was right, about the same as I would have paid at any of the city's hostels.

Since I had been travelling for the whole day, I was a bit wired, so I wandered about the happening hood to hit a few bars. Norweigen beer is nothing to write home about (so I won't... damn, I already did) so I did a bit of surveying. I got a delicious Calzone (apparently very popular in Oslo) at the corner late night bakery and made my way to the large park next to my building. It was about midnight, but there were a good 3 dozen kids all barbeque, drinking beers and chatting away happily. Even though Oslo is very far north, there was still close to no light out, but that didn't seem to matter. After cruising around a bit, I decided to turn in.

I sauntered quietly up the steep stairs to my rented flat, and after a bit of tipsy navigation, found the door. However, my key wouldn't open the door. I tried for a solid half hour to make it work, but I reluctantly resolved to ring Mr. Naess for his help. The door directly across the hall from mine read 'Naess' on the little metal placard next to the buzzer, so I naturally assumed it must've been his. I rang 3 times, waiting a good five minutes for a response. Then a woman's shrill voice shot out asking what I wanted. Stunned I told her I was looking for Arve. She began to explain that he didn't live there, that he lived upstairs. I walked to the next floor, to see that both doors on the floor had placards reading 'Naess.' It was obvious that the whole family lived in the building.

Arve's son came out in his skivvies and tried to help me, himself unable to pry the door open. Then, seeing no other alternative, he woke his 'Papa' by pounding on the door and belting out some Norweigen. Needless to say, the situation was resolved, and I tried to tell the old man to apologize to his son and daughter for me, but I had the feeling that this may have happened before. It was an alltogether embarassing scene, forcing grown men to entreat into the hallway in their knickers, but they were all polite and understanding (in a broken-English sort of way).

The next day, my first full day in Oslo, was of course beautiful. It's a great city (albiet a little expensive) and surprisingly the least kempt of the Scandanavian cities I had seen so far. The real meat of the city was so small, it was a comfortable walk to see all of the salient sights. It was quite enjoyable. Oslo would be my first choice to return to next time in Scandanavia.

In Stockholm now and looking forward to meeting Cameron here tomorrow evening. The sky is the limit.

I'll be off now to find some fuel.



Anonymous "the old ones" said...

So time has flown once again for you. It's bad enough that it happens but worse when it's in another country so you would then be compelled to say "if it's Friday this should be ....." It doesn't really matter what one might think because it's going to be whatever it is anyhow. In this case it does little or no good to say "like it or not" because you appear to really be liking what you have already seen. I almost expected you when you were describing your flat that you liked it especially because down the hall was the only bathroom in the building. Can't think of anything more interesting (curious) than a bunch of guys speaking another language while romping in their skivvies in the middle of an almost dark hall at a very late hour. It's good that you took notes enough to remind you to come back there another time. Tomorrow will most certainly be a better day because you will be meeting Cameron. Let the shared fun BEGIN !! Nothing new to report here. Weather HOT and DRY. Night outside, DARK ! How definitive can I get? Talk to you later, Omar..... Love and miss you.

7/14/2005 9:29 PM  
Anonymous p-dizzle said...

you should walk up to someone in oslo with a 1994 travel book and be like, "excuse me, which way to the olympics plesase!"

7/14/2005 9:46 PM  
Anonymous mamma san said...

Greetings from North America! All is well here at home. As you heard from G'ma and G'pa, it's HOT here. We're doing some traveling ourselves tomorrow. We're taking PJ to the water slide in Redding. Wish you were with us! We'll splash some water for you, too.
Hope you're having a great time. Anxious to hear when Cameron arrives. Love you.

7/15/2005 8:12 PM  

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