A chronicle of the whimsical jaunts of this guy as he goes around some foreign places looking for food.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Man... Standing on the Precipice... Overlooking the Abyss

Welcome friends and foes. My (pseudo)daily log of my upcoming adventures on The Continent begins after this line...

OK... wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...


Since I haven't left yet, I don't have any odd cultural mores, backwards customs or bizarre foods to report, but I do have a fistful of colorful European currency. Come and get 'em!

My route (roughly) will take me to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm (then back through Denmark) Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Munich. I may meander or skip a few spots, but you can expect plenty of variety.

As this is boring and altogether uninformative, I'll terminate communication.

Catch you later.

Colonel Mustard