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Monday, July 04, 2005

Pre Facto Fan Mail

Today I disembark into the murky depths of destinations foreign and unknown. I may not be Admiral Byrd, but I'd say I'm Clark from 'Lewis and Clark' (ignore my rank, just call me "Captain"). The journey will, undoubtedly, be rigorous, quasi-spiritual and consciousness-expanding.

I'm did one last walking tour of my neighborhood this morning; a sort of send-off for my 'hood. Oddly enough, 8:30 AM on a holiday is when most people are sleeping... good, perfect day to travel. As the Muggles are asploding their Chinese-manufactured, All-American Independence Day fireworks, I'll be enduring 12 hours of crook-toothed British flight attendants waking me up too often.

I expect simultaneous exhaustion and elation for the duration of this trip, so I must apologize for all the people I won't be writing emails to directly. However, to foster and sense of intersubjectivity, you can post in the 'Comments' beneath this and all forthcoming posts. (BTW, you don't need to register to post, under 'Choose an Identity' you only need to select 'Other' and write in your name.)

I look forward to hearing from all of you along the way, especially since it will keep me from losing the light on the horizon; the path back home.

Hugs and Thistles,


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